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Jan Reinhart



Jan Reinhart is the Chief Investment Officer of Prescus Capital. In his role, Jan is heavily involved in our new business selection process and drives the firm’s principal investing activity.

Jan is an experienced investor and entrepreneur. During his career, he has participated in over 100 investments in private technology companies in Europe and the US, both as an institutional investor and in his private capacity. Jan has served as the Chief Investment Officer for various corporate VC arms including Swisscom and SAP and most recently as the owner of Reinhart Capital. In addition, Jan co-founded the pioneering CSSF-regulated fintech company PayCash, which was sold to Mercedes-Benz AG in 2016.

His career as an international technology executive, investment banker, venture capitalist and private equity investor began in 1993.

Jan graduated with an MS in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich and an MBA from Harvard Business School.